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Whoever composed the epitaph for Mrs. Eleanor Shadwell felt her loss sharply:
To the memory of Mrs. Eleanor Shadwell who departed this life 23 July 1870 at the age of 72 years. Her private virtues and inestimable qualities are vividly impressed on the recollection of her sorrowing family to require further records. Those who knew her worth must feel her loss.

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Turlough O’Carolan, who went by Carolan, was a harpist and composer in Ireland. He was born around 1670 in County Meath and moved to Ballyfornan with his family when his father was hired by the MacDermott family. Mrs. MacDermott provided for Carolan’s education, including lessons in music and poetry. Despite a bout of smallpox that left him blind around age 18, Carolan became an itinerant musician. Soon, he began composing, creating a musical legacy. You can hear some of his melodies here.

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The information I could find on William Graham Brooke (without paying for access to articles) indicates that he was an advocate for education, particularly for education and university access for girls and women. A barrister, he worked on the reorganization of Anglican education for the Lord Chancellor’s office.

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In the Silver Spring Presbyterian Churchyard, previous pastors still watch over the flock.


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