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18th Royal Irish Regiment (2)

18th Royal Irish Regiment (1)

I will be the first to admit that I am not knowledgeable about United States military organization, so I definitely do not have a lot of experience with British forces. What I was able to gather from different sources, including this history of the 18th Royal Irish Regiment, the regiment existed from 1684 until 1922 (when Ireland became an independent republic), serving in British imperial conflicts all over the world.

18th Royal Irish Regiment (3)

18th Royal Irish Regiment (4)

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I tried to find out more information about PFC McClintock, but almost everything you can find online for the 83rd Division is about their World War II service.  The one consistent piece of information I discovered was that most of the soldiers were from Ohio.  Perhaps in a few years when more resources go online, I’ll be able to learn more about this soldier.

Ernest A. McClintock

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Vietnam Memorial

When you mention the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C., most people think of the Wall. There was a lot of controversy concerning that memorial, so let me state that while I’m not showing it here, it is not because I dislike it. The Wall is powerful. But I’ve always been drawn to more literal depictions of things, rather than abstracts, so I wanted to take a moment to look at a second portion of the memorial – the statues of the three solders that stand near the etched roll of names.

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Lewis (1)

Lewis (2)

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