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Whoever composed the epitaph for Mrs. Eleanor Shadwell felt her loss sharply:
To the memory of Mrs. Eleanor Shadwell who departed this life 23 July 1870 at the age of 72 years. Her private virtues and inestimable qualities are vividly impressed on the recollection of her sorrowing family to require further records. Those who knew her worth must feel her loss.

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Plumb (2)

The epitaph for Parys Plumb is taken from a 1734 poem by Isaac Watts entitled “A Fun­er­al Ode at the In­ter­ment of the Bo­dy, Sup­posed to Be Sung by Mourn­ers.” Watts’ words were set to music by George Handel to become a hymn known as “Unveil Thy Bosom, Faithful Tomb.” The entire hymn and music can be found here.

So Jesus slept; God’s dying sone
Passed through the grave, & blest the bed:
Rest heir blessed saint, till from his throne
The morning break and pierce the shade


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