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So, in East Cleveland Cemetery, I’ve already posted photos of this obelisk.





I started out trying to find out if this obelisk in Woodland Cemetery was for descendants of the original family in East Cleveland.


Then I realized that the names and death years matched on one panel. It appears that at some point, the Edwards’ descendants erected a monument for them in Woodland Cemetery, and possibly moved the remains from East Cleveland. Then they continued adding other family members to the new monument and buried them in the family plot at Woodland Cemetery.



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McIlrath (17)

McIlrath (18)

McIlrath (19)

McIlrath (12)

Far from affliction toil and care
The happy soul is fled
The breathless day shall slumber here
Among the silent dead

When I started looking up information on this epitaph, I discovered this website, Last Words. There was an entire page of “last words,” by which they meant epitaphs.

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McIlrath (7)

With heavenly weapons I have faught
The battles of the Lord.
Finished my course and keep the faith
And wait the sure reward.

McIlrath (11)

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One of my favorite decorative elements on old tombstones are the little rosettes and carvings that appear on the shoulders of the stone.

Crosby (2)

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Pratt (18)

Sunus (3)

One of my favorite things about visiting cemeteries in the spring are the flowers – not the cut ones that are brought by family and friends, but the ones that bloom every year in a place that most people associate only with death. Maybe some of them are descendants of flowers planted there years before, but often they seem to be a gift from Mother Nature to those who rest below the ground.




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Can you guess who it is?

At First Presbyterian Church in East Cleveland, Ohio:
First Presbyterian (10)

At Erie Street Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio:
Eliakim Nash

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This past weekend, we attended the 2nd Annual Halloween Night at the Cemetery at the East Cleveland Township Cemetery. Although the name might not make it completely clear, the event is a torchlit tour of the cemetery with stops for stories of individuals who are buried there. This year, they planned for the high turnout by having two tour groups at each time slot for a total of four tours. We visited 11 sites in the cemetery, with a mix of marked and unmarked graves, and there was only one brief story that was a repeat of the previous year’s tour. We were very lucky to have our tour lead by Nancy West, the author of To Dwell with Fellow Clay, a history of the cemetery and its residents. Before and after the tour, the restored chapel at the gate was open with baked goods, candy, and cider. Nancy stated they would have the tour again next year, and I will be there. I hope that in the future more of my readers will be able to make it out and support the great work the cemetery foundation is doing to take care of this historic cemetery.


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Carlton (2)


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Barr (2)

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Plumb (2)

The epitaph for Parys Plumb is taken from a 1734 poem by Isaac Watts entitled “A Fun­er­al Ode at the In­ter­ment of the Bo­dy, Sup­posed to Be Sung by Mourn­ers.” Watts’ words were set to music by George Handel to become a hymn known as “Unveil Thy Bosom, Faithful Tomb.” The entire hymn and music can be found here.

So Jesus slept; God’s dying sone
Passed through the grave, & blest the bed:
Rest heir blessed saint, till from his throne
The morning break and pierce the shade


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