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I don’t know any more about this monument than what is engraved on the stone. Davis Lawler erected it in memory of his parents – why a Sphinx made an appropriate monument to them, I don’t know. But then, that’s kind of appropriate, isn’t it?


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If you walk around enough cemeteries, you’ll notice that many statues and monuments have metal that has taken on a distinctive blue-green hue, just like the Statue of Liberty. If you’re like me, you learned about why this happens in some middle school science class and then promptly forgot. So if you already know this answer, you can skip the rest of this paragraph and just look at the pretty pictures. But for those of you who pushed out this science knowledge to have more room to remember the names of all the Muppets and the entire script of The Princess Bride, stay with me. The metal monuments and statues and plaques that go green because the alloys they are made of contain copper. When copper is exposed to water, it oxidizes and forms a layer that actually protects the metal underneath from degrading further. The patina and color are called verdigris.


Fraternal monument (3)

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Maeker (6)

Maeker (5)


Maeker (7)

Maeker (8)

Maeker (3)

Maeker (4)

Maeker (2)

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Irwin (2)

Irwin (3)

The Irwin monument bears the lines “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world” from poet Robert Browning’s Pippa Passes. The lines are from the point of view of the main character, Pippa, a young naive silkworker, as she walks and sings her way through her native land.

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Schulthess (4)


Baker (10)

Since I haven’t had much time to write while visiting, I thought I’d give you more Forest Lawn photo. These are from my visit in March (before I incurred the wrath of the goose).

Maeker (6)

Pratt (5)

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3 Graces 2

Forest Lawn pond

Chapel (2)

Fullerton Reimann

Larkin and Pines

Sorry for the erratic posting. I’ve been on a writing tear of a different kind lately. So anyway, I’m up in Buffalo this weekend and will hopefully get some cool new photos. Until then, here are some photos from my previous trips to Forest Lawn.

E Gilbert

Mausoleum 2

Russell Macy Osborne

Schickel 4

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Viscountess Doneraile monument at St. Patrick's


Elizabeth, Viscountess Doneraile


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