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It was a surprisingly nice day here Saturday, so I went over to Lake View to take some photos with my new camera. It’s pretty much the same as my last point-and-shoot digital, which had mysteriously gotten a scratch on the lens despite the protective plastic covering that closes over it when it’s not in use. I wasn’t alone, though. First of all, I encountered a horde of runners from Case Western. (I know they were from Case because the car with them had a license plate that read “CWRU RUN,” in addition to the fact that most of them were wearing athletic gear with CWRU or Case on it.)


When their pounding footfalls were finally far enough in the distance, the wildlife reemerged. I took photos for a while around a bush because birds were flitting back and forth.



I caught a glimpse of a cat as well, but it eluded my camera. I’m sure it was wondering why the crazy lady was trying to communicate.


Squirrels will pick their heads up when you yell at them, making them slightly more obedient than cats. Who knew?

But I had to move on to other parts of the cemetery when I saw them. *insert ominous music* There was a whole flock, and I don’t need another goose-Forester showdown on a cemetery lane.


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When I went to Lake View recently, the little invaders were everywhere – scurrying across the lawn, bounding over tombstones, pawing furiously in preparation for winter.


But they just aren’t interested in posing for photos.


Got one!


**Disclaimer: This post is creepy, but only for one person I know.**

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Creepy kid with squirrel

I think this statue is the creepiest sculpture in all of Lake View Cemetery. I don’t know what about it specifically turns me off, but I remember the first time I saw it, and I just plain didn’t like it. It’s probably erosion and weathering, but I don’t find anything about it aesthetically pleasing.

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I had a challenging weekend, so we’re going to start the week out light. Because Lake View Cemetery is such a lush landscape, with lots of shady trees, grassy hillsides, ponds, and even a dam, it is filled with wildlife. Here are some of Lake View’s living residents, most of which I have disturbed or offended by wandering around and taking photography.


Just a tail:
Just a tail


Blue jay

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