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The statues I’ve written about recently have been holding anchors and looking towards heaven, but some statues hold books instead. The meaning of the book is not as universally agreed upon as the anchor – perhaps it represents the Bible, perhaps the scribing statues are angels at work recording the good deeds of the deceased in the book of life…

The Hatch statue in Lake View Cemetery has been captured in a pensive moment – she sits with a book and a cross in her hand, but she has just glanced towards the skies and pressed her hand to her breast.


Other figures with books include the previously visited Erkenbrecher scribe.


This angel has paused in writing with her quill pen just long enough to be carved.


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There’s something a little off with this statue atop the monument for Thomas Hughes, who founded Cincinnati’s Hughes High School and gave it his name.

Can you see it? Something is just a little out of place.


It’s much clearer at this angle.


Yes, she’s holding a very modern pen or mechanical pencil, just like the ones that the students at Hughes High School use today. I suspect getting the pen up there was a rather difficult exercise, as the monument is fairly tall and doesn’t provide a lot of places to grip or hold.


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