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Daniel Cromer (2)

Daniel Cromer was a Confederate prisoner of war who died on April 10, 1865. He served in the 15th South Carolina Regiment. The temporary wooden grave marker that once marked his grave at the prison is now in the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Civil War Museum’s information indicates he was fifty-eight years old and the cause of death was anemia.

Daniel Cromer

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Got back from vacation yesterday, and it was a great vacation for a cemetery blogger. We visited south central Pennsylvania and stayed with my family. Cemetery-wise, I visited Harrisburg Cemetery, Old Carlisle Graveyard, the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, and Memorial Park in Carlisle (formerly Lincoln Cemetery). I didn’t get much time to walk through and take photographs, but I also saw Lincoln Cemetery in Mechanicsburg, Lincoln Cemetery in Gettysburg, and Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg. The Lincoln cemeteries were all African-American burial grounds. Of course, the National Civil War Museum and the National Military Park will also provide blog fodder. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to get close enough to the Carlisle Indian School Cemetery this time.

I also picked up books on the history of Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery and Lincoln Cemetery.

Oh, and I realized I also forgot the anniversary of the blog on April 5th. Happy blog-iversary to me!

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