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I just received my electronic copy of the Woodland Journal, the newsletter of the Woodland Cemetery Foundation. For those of you ready to mark your calendars for 2011, I wanted to post these dates here from their website.

May 21, 22, & 28, 2011 – Decorating Veterans’ Graves
May 30, 2011 – Memorial Day Ceremony honoring black Civil War veterans
June 26, 2011 – Living History Tour
September 24, 2011 – Geocaching with the Boy Scouts
October 2, 2011 – Murder Tour

They also have events that do not have definite dates yet, such as the annual scavenger hunt and the dedication of the memorial to Sarah Lucy Bagby Johnson, the last person prosecuted under the Fugitive Slave Act. Visit their website, mark your calendar, and help support the preservation of this historic Cleveland cemetery!


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The last weekend in June I had the privilege of experiencing a portion of the Woodland Cemetery Living History Tour. The temperature exceeded 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity fluctuated unpleasantly for part of the afternoon, but it was still a marvelous experience. I’ll be sharing some of the photos and stories in more depth later, but I wanted to “introduce” you to some of Woodland’s residents that I met.

Alvina Plastine was a Cleveland grocery store owner who died in 1913. The location of her burial is known, but there is no grave marker for her.

Alvina Plastine

The extended Dickinson family at Woodland were represented by the parents of James Dickinson, a Civil War veteran and Cleveland Fire Chief, and his niece and nephew.



Musician Heinrich Beck described his education and endeavors in Cleveland.


A number of residents were represented by people dressed in the clothes of their period or figures not buried at Woodland with them.

Harry Handerson was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War who later returned to his birthplace in Cleveland. He was a respected doctor and medical historian who died in 1918. This lady told us about his life.


Clara Barton told of her friendship with General John Elwell, who is buried in Woodland Cemetery.

Clara Barton

A Civil War soldier told us about George Ryan and all of the members of the 5th USCT (United States Colored Troops) buried in Woodland, as well as all the regiments.


I didn’t get to visit with all the volunteers before the end of the day rolled around, but I appreciated the time and energy they put into the living history display. I look forward to visiting them in the future.

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For those readers in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, I wanted to let you know that on Saturday, June 27, the Woodland Cemetery Foundation will be holding their annual living history event from 1-4 pm. For more information, you can visit the events page on its website and download a registration form. A donation is requested and can be paid in advance or in person on the day of the event. I’m not associated with the group in any way, but I am very excited about any organization that promotes historical preservation and study.

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