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I found something interesting on some tombstones at Harvard Grove Cemetery when I visited. On some of the really old tombstones, there was this little plaque.


The “Faith in Every Footstep” plaques were part of a 1997 program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The year-long celebration focused on pioneers of the church and marked the 150th anniversary of the “pioneer trek from Winter Quarters, Nebraska, to the Salt Lake Valley.” A brief crash course in Latter Day Saint (often referred to as Mormon) history will tell you that the church started in the late 1820s in New York, when a man named Joseph Smith, Jr., stated that he had received golden plates containing the early religious history of pre-European North America from an angel. He published his translation of the plates in the Book of Mormon and became the leader of the new religious movement. The new church had difficulty finding a suitable place to settle and often clashed with locals. Spurred by internal conflict and external strife with those not part of the religion, the church established several temporary settlements and then abandoned them before ultimately reaching the Salt Lake Valley of what would be come Utah.

These tombstones must mark the burials of LDS church members who were in some way pioneers. The only name I could make out was William W. Williams.


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