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In a tiny little veterans section of Lake View Cemetery, I found a more diverse selection of the emblems of belief available for government headstones for veterans. All the available emblems are listed here.

The most common one that I see is described simply as a Christian Cross.

Sgt. Eddie Fields’ stone has the symbol for the United Methodist Church.
Fields (2)

The Roberts selected the emblem for the Unitarian Church/Unitarian Universalist Association.
Roberts (1)

The emblem for the United Church of Christ tops Sgt. Yancey’s stone.
Yancey (1)

Cpl. Mack Crosby has the Episcopal Cross.
Crosby (1)

The Didios’ stone has a symbol designated as representing “Christian Church.”

The Nesbitts have a Star of David, representative of Judaism.

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Seth Cogswell Baldwin

Timothy Doan

Veterans Day seems an appropriate time to share this information. Did you know that the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide, free of charge, a government headstone or marker for the unmarked grave of a veteran of the United States Armed Forces? There are documentation requirements to be met of course, and possible costs involved in setting the stone if the veteran is in a non-military/veterans’ cemetery. So if your research has lead you to the conclusion that there is a veteran buried in your local cemetery whose resting place is not marked, you may want to review this information.

Thomas J. Hudson

Claude Edward Tucker

The fruits of this program can be viewed in many cemeteries, but I think the finest example is here is in East Cleveland Township Cemetery, where you can see graves of veterans of major American conflicts from the Revolution to World War I marked with crisp, clean markers that are clearly not original.

Carl Stewart Todd

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