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Papineau (6)

The Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol was an emergency salvage company whose duty was to respond to fires and reduce the costs associated with them by saving property. Obviously, this could be a dangerous job, and according to the records from the Illinois Fire Service Institute, Alfred C. Papineau responded to an industrial fire on October 31, 1886, and began working in the basement once the flames were doused. A portion of the building collapsed, injuring two other patrolmen and killing Papineau.

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Cleveland’s Woodland Cemetery has a firefighter section, guarded by this little guy. I am assuming that he is a replacement. If you look very carefully under his body in the first photo, you can see a hole that used to hold a monument in place over the base. It saddens me to think that the original monument was damaged or destroyed, but the puppy is so sweetly touching that he seems a worthy memorial. He sits, perhaps too young yet to go to fires himself, with a lantern in his mouth and an expression of concern about his masters on his face. His body is poised in a perpetual state of anticipation, ever watchful.


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