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Walden Myer (2)

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Yesterday, I wrote “is there a doctor in the house?”to explore what kind of doctor those who had the title “Dr.” on their tombstone really were. Today, we’re going to look at stones for those who leave no question. These folks have the appellation M.D. Listed after their names – medical doctor – like Morris. W. Keller, M.D.


This stone memorializes a family of doctors, the Adamsons.


Samuel Nigro was also a doctor.


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The most common title that you see on tombstones is “Dr.”  Of course, most people think of physicians, but there are multiple ways to obtain the appellation “Dr.,” so let’s see if we can more specifically identify some of these in the cemetery.

Dr. Silas E. Sheldon was a Civil War surgeon – he has both a military headstone and one that matches the others in his family plot.

Dr. Silas E. Sheldon


Dr. A. P. Dutcher was a physician, judging from a Plain Dealer mention from 11/10/1882 where it was noted he had diagnosed a Mr. Massey with cancer of the stomach.

Dr. A. P. Dutcher

I haven’t been able to find any more information on our Dr. James R. Glover.


Dr. William Meyer was identified by the Plain Dealer as one of Cleveland’s “most respected physicians” when he passed away at the age of 78. A German by birth, he had not only been a doctor, but a member of Cleveland’s City Council and the Library Board. (“Dr. William Meyer: Death of a Prominent German Physician at an Advanced Age,” Plain Dealer, 12/22/1898, page 4.)

Dr. William Meyer

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