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Calhoun Leas (6)

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Those of you who have been reading for a while are aware of my affection for zinc monuments, or zinkers. While they were being sold, they were marketed as “white brass,” but, really, they’re zinc. Weather and age give them a unique patina that ranges from gray to a pale blue, depending on how the light is hitting it. They aren’t terribly common, but most cemeteries that date from the later 19th or early 20th centuries have at least one. Once you locate one, you will never mistake that look for anything else.

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I found this one at Strongsville Cemetery. I like the way that the monuments ape the symbolism and style of the more expensive cemetery monuments of the day but have the interchangeable base panels to be able to add the names and information for more family members as time passes.

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The cross and crown is a common Christian symbol, and it appears on tombstones with some frequency. The cross is supposed to represent the trials and tribulations of mortal life; while the cross represents the afterlife in heaven. Combined, they function as a promise of a better immortal life beyond the troubles of life on earth.



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