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Last week, we looked at the Haserot angel, the most popular creepy statue at Lake View Cemetery, but these statues have my vote hands down. Early in the spring, I was walking around Lake View taking photographs, looked up the hill, and jumped because I saw this.


Convincing at some angles, aren’t they?


Like the Haserot angel, I don’t know any specific stories about these statues. They just are striking and a little disturbing in their realism.


Mary to the Saviour's Tomb...

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In my list of top 10 creepy epitaphs I have ever seen, this one holds a prominent place.

Lida Newton Baldwin

“If this is death, how beautiful to die.”

Now I’m sure that this epitaph was chosen by someone who was particularly pious in the belief that whatever lies beyond this world is far superior. But it still gives me a little chill.

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Haserot Angel

I’m posting a few photos of my favorite supposedly creepy angel. This is the Haserot angel, the centerpiece of the Haserot family plot at Lake View Cemetery.


A few notes about him: he’s seated. I have seen several mentions of how the Haserot angel is standing – perhaps meant in the sense of “standing guard,” but he is most definitely sitting. The sculptor did manage to give him the feeling of movement, as if at any moment he will rise from his post and walk.


Secondly, that thing in his hands is an extinguished torch, with the burned end on the ground.

Haserot Angel

This angel, like a number of other cemetery statues, has a creepy reputation, but I’ve never heard an actual story about him. I think the outstretched wings add to his imposing nature, as does the fact that he stares directly and stoically at the viewer. A more common posture is that of grief. And of course, the weathering of the metal has created streaky “tears” that cascade from his staring eyes.

Haserot Angel in Snow

Whatever the reason, this statue has the reputation for being the creepiest in Cleveland’s cemeteries.

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Creepy kid with squirrel

I think this statue is the creepiest sculpture in all of Lake View Cemetery. I don’t know what about it specifically turns me off, but I remember the first time I saw it, and I just plain didn’t like it. It’s probably erosion and weathering, but I don’t find anything about it aesthetically pleasing.

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