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One of the things that I noticed in Ireland last time I visited was that tombstones frequently list the deceased’s home – much more frequently than I see on tombstones in the U.S. I posted last week about Charles Bird, late of Bective House, a local estate.

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Proudstown is nearby in County Meath. From what I can tell, the racecourse that was known as Proudstown Park is actually in Navan, but Proudstown was the name of the railway stop that used to service that area. My understanding is that Proudstown might not be an official town, but it refers to a neighborhood or area. Anyone with better knowledge is welcome to help me out with this.


There is a Killeen Road about 4 kilometers away from the Hill of Tara.

What I found most interesting about the place names on Irish tombstones is that they are not just cities, but neighborhoods, regions, and even streets.

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On this trip to Ireland, I got to revisit the little cemetery at the visitor center on the Hill of Tara.


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Mongey Monument on Hill of Tara


The symbol on this tombstone is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ – a flaming heart within a crown of thorns and topped with a cross. Some representations also include a halo of divine light, blood drops, or a lance wound like the one that Christ received in his side during the crucifixion. There is an associated Roman Catholic devotion.

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The notation “late of Bective House” caught my eye and I decided to do a little more research. I was able to find the obituary for Charles “Charlie” Bird III. Bective House is a large estate in County Meath that Bird’s father purchased in 1923 just after the Irish Civil War. American by birth, the elder Bird traveled to Ireland to hunt, and eventually he purchased the estate, which remained in the family until 1960. The younger Bird continued in his father’s footsteps, also engaging in hunting as well as horse-racing. Bird passed away in the United States, but he now lies buried in the cemetery on the Hill of Tara.

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