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I found some cenotaphs while looking through my photos from Mayfield Cemetery.  A cenotaph is a memorial for someone who is interred elsewhere.

On the front of Soloman Skall’s stone is a small marker for his wife Lottie, whose body rests in a mausoleum in New York.

Soloman M. Skall

It’s a little hard to read, but Tsiviah and Abraham Coopersmith died and were buried in Europe.



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I think most people who have visited cemeteries with larger, more elaborate monuments and particularly mausoleums are familiar with the funerary symbol of the inverted torch. You can see the torches descending from the wreaths on the Winslow mausoleum at Lake View Cemetery, their fires still burning despite their unnatural position.


But I did have to read Stories in Stone before I realized that you will see two varieties of the inverted torch in cemeteries, one extinguished and one still aflame. Both symbolize death, but the inverted burning torch alludes to eternal life.


Both the monuments for D. S. Possons and the Cottingham family have burning inverted torches on them.


There are a few more examples from Mayfield Cemetery on mausoleum doors for the Sampliner and Fisher families.



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