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My cemetery alphabet game continues.

The Dusenburys are in Chester Township Cemetery.


The Eidam monument is in Warrensville East Cemetery.


The Fitch family is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Most resources suggest that Orsa as a woman’s name is derived from the Latin word for “bear.” Orsa Lander sleeps in Chester Township Cemetery.


In the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, you can find the grave of Blodwyn Tipton. My quick and not entirely scientific research (can’t believe everything on the internet, you know) indicates that Blodwyn is a Welsh name that means “white flower.”


Asenath Harris Gillam is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. The name Asenath is Biblical: the name of the Egyptian woman who is given to Jacob (son of Joseph) as a wife by the Pharoah.

Asenath Harris Gillam

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This unusual marker sits in the Chester Township Cemetery.


Even more striking than the front is the back, which is to “The Three Infants” of the Painter family. The years listed are 1906, 1912, and 1923, presumably each infant died within the same calendar year in which he or she was born.


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The culmination of my four-day heart scavenger hunt is here, and for Valentine’s Day itself, I decided to post the hearts that seem to specifically be in the cemetery as a reference to romantic love.

Joseph Kahsky and his wife Rose Kahsky have a heart-shaped tombstone in Chester Township Cemetery.


The pink granite tombstones for the Wrights in Willoughby Village Cemetery  have hearts, flowers, and love messages engraved on them.

Leonard T. Wright

Nancy Wright

The Birnbaums have a stone at Lake View Cemetery under a double-heart tombstone. (I’m not sure if Mrs. Birnbaum is there yet.)¬† Like my grandparents, their wedding anniversary was Valentine’s Day.¬† I particularly like the etched “Forever Valentines.”


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