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Two weekends ago, I went to Forest Lawn Cemetery alone early in the morning. It was a little chilly and wet, but a pretty day, and everywhere I looked, there were bikers, walkers, and joggers. I finished taking my photos, and started driving towards the fence to find a gate. I turned my car down one of the internal roads and found myself in an area devoid of all other humans. A pair of Canadian geese were crossing the road, and I slowed down. The first goose finished crossing and disappeared into the next cemetery section. The second goose turned, looked at me, and stopped in the center of the road. He stood there for about a minute. I slowly started to ease the car forward, hoping the movement would convince him to make way, and instead, he began honking and charged the car.

Geese (2)

This went on, with me inching forward and him advancing honking, until he was less than a foot from my bumper, angrily refusing to move or quiet down.


I finally had to put the car in reverse and ease around him. He didn’t charge the car, but he did continue honking until I was out of earshot.

Somewhere in Forest Lawn Cemetery, there is a very angry Canadian goose who has my license plate number. Watch out for him.

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