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I generally prefer to historic charm of old cemeteries and grave markers, but I have to admit that some of the new styles and technologies are the next evolution of what I prefer: personalized markers that attempt to communicate with the visitor. Above is the Apthorpe tombstone in Williston Cemetery, which indicates that Mr. Apthorpe was a member of the Fire Department.


Mr. Arnholt was an artist, and Mrs. Arnholt, a nurse.

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On the subject of occupations, as we were just the other day, I discovered that there were more stones that told you what someone did in life in some of the newer sections of Lake View Cemetery (post 1970s).

Cecile Nevils Clarke is identified first in relationship to her family, but then her stone tells us she was also a nurse.


Similarly, Eleanore Slobin is listed as a wife and mother first, but also an artist.


Presumably, Mort was her husband – a teacher.


Robert Wallace was also a teacher and a poet.


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Jeptha H. Wade is an important figure in not only Cleveland history, but cemetery history specifically. Wade helped to coordinate the creation of Lake View Cemetery and was the first president of the Lake View Cemetery Association, thus his huge monument at one of the highest points of the cemetery.


Nationally, Wade’s most significant contribution would have been in the construction of telegraph lines as one of the founders of Western Union. He was also a banker, railroad executive, painter, and philanthropist. His name lives on in Cleveland in the Wade Park (a park on land he donated) and the Jeptha Wade Chapel at Lake View Cemetery.


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