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Read this stone.


I had to take it up to its original size and inspect it to confirm that Naomi Dille was 46, not 16, years old when she died on September 16, 1830. It wouldn’t be impossible for a woman to die at 16 already married (I went to graduate school with a woman who first walked down the aisle at age 15), but it did seem unlikely. I can’t put my finger on a good citation right now, but my memory from various history classes is that the average age of marriage for late 18th and early 19th century women in the United States was somewhere in the early 20s, with men’s average age being just slightly higher.

That information aside, this stone is one of the older ones in this cemetery, and is the first one I came across trudging up the hill. Most of the rest are clustered above the road cut. I wonder if it accurately reflects where Naomi is buried (the concrete seems to indicate it has been reset) or whether her actual grave is further up the hill with the people who have lived near her in life.

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