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Silas Cook

You can pretty easily derive the meaning of AE when it appears like this on a tombstone: clearly, it signifies “aged,” as in aged a certain number of years at death. In Latin, “anno aetatis suae” means “in the specified year of a person’s age.” AE, which should actually be squished together so that the rightward most stroke of the A is also the vertical line of the E, is an abbreviation for that.

Leonard Adams

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BMV (3)

BMV (2)

When we were at Calvary Cemetery, Mike pointed out the abbreviation on the pedestal and asked why the letters would be in that order. Based on the rest of the inscription being in Latin, I’m assuming its because the most common order of the words “Blessed Virgin Mary” is “Beatae Mariae Virginis.” I’ve seen some English sites try to maintain the abbreviation by making it “Blessed Mary the Virgin.”

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