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I am back from vacation, but still catching up, and not sure I’m ready to deal with writing about cemeteries. While I was on vacation last week, a good friend of mine passed away. Rest in peace, Mariassa.


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be on vacation next week without internet access. I’ve set up posts for all the days I’m gone, but it does mean that comment moderation will be non-existent, so be patient if it takes a while for your comment to show and be nice if you already have commenting privileges. See everyone on in a little over a week!

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My new camera showed up Friday night on my doorstep- a compact Kodak M583.  The resolution is supposed to be quite good for a compact, and it got pretty good ratings for low light situations.  I traded that for a camera that’s not so good on action shots, because the bulk of my photographic subjects are stationary.  I’ll be taking it out on my first cemetery excursion today – the Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society is visiting St. Paul’s Cemetery, where some more of our Collinwood School Fire victims are buried.

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I’m still working off of old photographs right now, since my camera appears to be rapidly on its way out. About three weeks ago, the flash stopped working and I began to give serious consideration to what I will be replacing the camera with. Then last weekend when I went to the East Cleveland Township Cemetery tour, it couldn’t seem to draw power from the batteries for very long – I tried both kinds of rechargeables that I’ve been using (which each operate on a different charger. The camera didn’t respond at all with one of the battery types and then only took photographs for about 45 minutes before shutting off with the second one (that one used to be able to cover me for several hours of shots). Now it’s time to go camera shopping. In the meantime, I’ll be writing about photographs I’ve already taken, since I have no means of taking new ones.

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Got back from vacation yesterday, and it was a great vacation for a cemetery blogger. We visited south central Pennsylvania and stayed with my family. Cemetery-wise, I visited Harrisburg Cemetery, Old Carlisle Graveyard, the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, and Memorial Park in Carlisle (formerly Lincoln Cemetery). I didn’t get much time to walk through and take photographs, but I also saw Lincoln Cemetery in Mechanicsburg, Lincoln Cemetery in Gettysburg, and Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg. The Lincoln cemeteries were all African-American burial grounds. Of course, the National Civil War Museum and the National Military Park will also provide blog fodder. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to get close enough to the Carlisle Indian School Cemetery this time.

I also picked up books on the history of Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery and Lincoln Cemetery.

Oh, and I realized I also forgot the anniversary of the blog on April 5th. Happy blog-iversary to me!

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Today we are off on our vacation to the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, area. Posting will be constant, as I’ve set up posts in advance, but comment moderation will be slow. Please be patient! There will be lots of great new photos after I get back!

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Happy New Year! Even though we haven’t made it to the blog’s anniversary yet, I’m pretty happy that we’ve hit 2011 and we’re still going.

As we finish the holiday season and start the new year, it does seem an appropriate time for reflection. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Most resolutions I have witnessed or made myself seem either overly ambitious or doomed. (I could be wrong, but most resolutions in my experience are proposals to radically alter some part of someone’s life in a very rigid and immediate way – such as going from zero to sixty on an exercise regimen or embarking on a radical, restrictive diet.) What I will issue to myself are challenges. On that note, here are some goals I will strive for this year that are related to the blog.

1. I will visit 10 new cemeteries that I have never visited before.
2. I will keep up with a selected number of related blogs (Cleveland history blogs, Graveyard Rabbit blogs) to inform my own writing.
3. I will take 25 photography trips this year (counting each individual cemetery on a multi-stop photography tour as “trip.”)
4. I will write at least 350 posts for this blog.
5. I will read more on the history of Cleveland and the symbolism and and history of cemeteries – book and blog recommendations are always welcome!

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