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Ashford Castle (7)

If you’ve never been to Ireland, you’ve probably never heard of the town of Cong, unless, of course, you are a film buff. Cong’s main claim to fame is that many of the outdoor scenes in John Wayne’s The Quiet Man were filmed there. There is even a gift shop dedicated to the film. The photo above is Ashford Castle, which is now a lovely hotel in Cong. Below is what I was more excited about than the movie: a ruined abbey with a cemetery.

Abbey ruins (79)

Abbey ruins (70)

Cong abbey map

Abbey ruins (38)


Abbey ruins

Abbey ruins (50)

Abbey ruins (47)

Abbey ruins (33)

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…and hopefully, so will this blog. So I admit, I’ve fallen off in posting this year, and for that, I apologize. But I’m in the middle of uploading my photographs from Ireland, where I visited no less than 6 cemeteries, including the final resting place of poet William Butler Yeats. It’s taken me a whole week just to sort through the photos, and I’m still uploading them so I can get to the much more amusing task of writing about them. So, photos and posts coming soon, and thanks for your patience with me. New, fun posts are coming soon!

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