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Joanna Craig house (2)

When we took the Ghosts of Gettysburg tour during our vacation, and this story was the only one that had a tombstone associated with it. The house is rented out to college students every year, and the residents over the years have supposedly reported hearing the sound of a body falling down the stairs and thudding to the floor. When some work was being done on the grounds, workman unearthed a tombstone with the name “Joanna Craig” on it in the yard.

Joanna Craig house

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Burchell (2)

The really interesting thing about Charles Burchell’s tombstone is on the back – a minimalist sculpture of a Christ figure and the epitaph “artist and designer of rare form.” It makes me wonder if the sculpture is his own, since he would not be the first artist buried under one of his own works. I will update you if I’m able to find anything out.


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Bomyea (2)

This is the first time I’ve seen the laser-engraved headstones with coloring.


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Hoffman (2)

Hoffman (3)

Hoffman (4)

Hoffman (5)

Odesky (2)


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Bench (3)

Bench (2)

Bench (3)

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A partial explanation for the unusual names listed on the front of these two headstones can be found on the back of one.

Bonecutter (2)

It seems reasonable to conclude that Aubrey Bonecutter was known by the nickname of Boney. The origin of what I am assuming to be his wife’s nickname is not so easily surmised based on what I photographed that day.

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Gutowitz (2)

Gutowitz (3)


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Birdbath monument

That would be because they’re metal and welded to the monument. But they’re still very cute.

Birdbath monument (3)

Birdbath monument (2)

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Goldstein (2)

Goldstein (3)

Greenberg (2)

Greenberg (4)


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Smith (2)

Since most of the cemeteries we visited a few weeks ago were so close to Lake Erie, there was a lot of nautical imagery to be found in cemeteries. One item I don’t usually see depicted in cemeteries is the lighthouse, but there were a number of them.



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