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I have chosen not to have children. I love kids, and I spend a lot of time with a number of them, but for various reasons, I have decided not to become a mother myself. I don’t think a lot about it in the here and now, but one thing I do wonder is what will happen when I am old – who will take care of me if I can no longer take care of myself? (There is of course no guarantee that someone who does have children will be taken care of by those children in old age, but the assumption usually is that they will do so. I will of course have to make arrangements for myself in advance of that time, but monuments like this make me feel a little better.



Sarah S. Hall
? 6, 1896
Aged 82 yrs
She hath done what she could
In affection memory of her
This stone is erected by her nephews and nieces.

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