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Pringle Margaret

In memory of Margaret Pringle, wife of the Revd Francis Pringle, pastor of the associate church of carlisle. She departed this life 15th Feb. 1820, aged 77 years and 6 months.

When I look for Wordless Wednesday posts, I often just flip through my photos looking for one that has a lot of text, and then I try to decipher it. But I just didn’t feel this one could be posted without commentary. The stone is for Margaret Pringle, but most of the information is about her husband – his title and his occupation. Now I’m sure Mrs. Pringle had work to – she had a house and family to maintain and the duties that were expected of a pastor’s wife, but it certainly says something about the value that was placed upon activities in society that the most important thing to place on her tombstone was the respected occupation of her husband.

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