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Reed Pilcher (5)

George Edward Reed was the 15th President of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I could tell you more about Reed, but I brought him to your attention to talk about Dickinson College. I grew up one of the far-flung suburban developments that sprung up on south central Pennsylvania a little before I was born. We were located almost exactly halfway between Mechanicsburg and Carlisle. We went through Mechanicsburg more often – it was on the way to my grandparents’ house and my school district swooped eastward along one side of thte Mechanicsburg district but stopped before reaching Carlisle in the other direction. But Carlisle was where my dad worked more years than not, and it was also the county seat, so we had to travel there for a lot of official business like finalizing my brother’s adoption papers, watching his naturalization ceremony, and taking care of things like driver’s licenses and car registration.

And in Carlisle, just down from the county courthouse and the theater where I performed in “The King and I” in high school, is the shaded campus of Dickinson College. Its gray stone and red brick buildings fit with the historic nature of the county seat it resides in, all looking old and dignified. It’s a well-kept campus, and a popular backdrop for portraiture. I had my senior photos taken there. The private college is also small – my high school class had nearly the same number of students.

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