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Nicholas Rose

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Jacob S. Bender

According to the History of Cumberland and Adams Counties (Pennsylvania) published 1886. A descendant of German immigrants who gave their surname to Bendersville, Pennsylvania, Bender attended the Pennsylvania College of Homeopathic Medicine, graduating in 1862 and almost immediately being appointed assistant surgeon of the 29th Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was with the regiment at such battles as Lookout Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, and Gettysburg, as well as being on Sherman’s march to the sea. When the war ended, he traveled west and continued his medical practice in the areas of Colorado and Nebraska before returning to Pennsylvania and settling in the town Carlisle. In 1876 he married one of Carlisle’s daughters, Laura Conlyn, and the two had one daughter, Esther.

The Esther of their marriage does not appear to be the Esther on the tombstone, considering that the tombstone Esther lived for a year or less. I suspect she is a granddaughter or great-granddaughter. Esther, the daughter, is buried with her husband next to them.

James H. M. Andrews

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