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I considered posting a photograph of this monument as a Wordless Wednesday post, but there’s just too much interesting going on with this for me not to say something. First of all, there’s the shiny black surface with the obviously laser-carved inscription and images. Coming in closer to the side, there is this fantastic rendering of a lion and a Biblical quotation and then “ecce homo,” a reference to the life and passion of Christ.

Parkers 2

On the front, we learn a lot about who the Parkers were in life. He served in World War II and then worked for the Postal Service. She had degrees in nursing and education.

Parkers 1

And finally there’s just her name Placid Jean Dove Parker. I’ve never heard the name Placid before, but it’s very nice. Assuming Placid was her given first name and Dove her surname before marriage, that does mean her name was Placid Dove. An emphasis on peace like that in choosing a name has to have a story behind it – I wonder if that story has survived in the family?

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