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Daus Monument

Daus Monument

My eye was drawn to the side of the Daus monument, and particularly to the fact that both Alan and Ellen Daus had the same date of death. This is relatively uncommon – I recall that when I visited Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, there were something like three married couples buried in the whole cemetery where both the husband and wife died on the same day. Usually, such a sad occurrence is the result of an accident, and this case is no different. According to the tribute written by Alan Daus’ business partner and classmate, both were killed by a plane crash while on a fishing trip in Alaska. (Interestingly, according to the account in that letter, Alan and Ellen died one day apart because she survived the crash but suffered ultimately-fatal injuries.) The Daus’ are also remembered in their adopted home of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as their names are inscribed on skis that sit against a cabin at the top of the mountain.

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