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Sandusky Cholera Cemetery (2)

Historical marker

Historical marker (2)

We stopped briefly this weekend in Sandusky, Ohio, to see the Cholera Cemetery. In 1849, the lake port city of Sandusky was struck by a cholera epidemic. Those who were able fled the city, but, of those who remained, about 400 died before the outbreak ran its course. The victims were buried on a small plot of land a few blocks from the lakeshore, which has been preserved today. The area could be mistaken for a park, if it wasn’t for the metal gate that declares “Cholera Cemetery.” Inside, there is a historical marker explaining with a short paragraph on the cholera epidemic on one side and a tribute to the doctors who risked their lives to try to save others. There are only four monuments – a central tower, green with age, honors the early pioneers of Sandusky who fell to the disease. Three Revolutionary War veterans perished in the epidemic, and they each get their own government issue tombstone. A flagpole, a birdhouse, a few streetlights, and large trees and bushes contribute to the park-like atmosphere.


Central monument (2)

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Tennes (16)

Almighty God, I am grateful for thy religious surroundings during my long illness.  Guide me to my loved ones in heaven…

Tennes (17)

Mighty God, be merciful to me.  Illu[minate] the paths of my wife and children so that they may be of benefits to others and find their reward in your eternal…

Tennes (18)

Almighty God, I am grateful for your guidance throughout my life even unto my last moments.


My apologies for any errors in transcription on this weeklong odyssey into the epitaphs of the Tennes family.

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