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Tennes (12)

Mighty God, hear the prayers [of my] children and their descendants, ins[truct?] them to aid others, forgive their [sins?], strengthen them against temptation, [gui]de them always.

Tennes (13)

Eternal rest, give to her, O Lord, who spent her life in good works and prayer.

Tennes (15)

Mighty God, be merciful to me, be merciful also to my dear wife and children…

After several days of these posts, I have noticed something interesting about these epitaphs.  The men’s epitaphs are phrased as if the dead themselves are praying to God, but most of the women’s epitaphs sound as if someone else is speaking on their behalf, praying to God for their sake of the women’s souls. There are deviations from this pattern in the sense of women’s epitaphs from an “I” perspective, but none of the men’s are from someone else’s point of view.

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