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This statue was unmissable at Calvary Cemetery – it was clear from its wear that it was old, but someone had placed a bunch of orange faux flowers in its hand.

Xelowski (2)

Lina May Xelowski died on her 2nd birthday. Based on the entry I found in John William Leonard’s The Book of Chicagoans (1917 volume), she was the daughter of surgeon Thaddeus Zigmund Xelowski, a graduate of the University of Illinois, and his wife Lina Bliss. Another entry in The Alumni Record of the University of Illinois (1921) confirms that she was the youngest of their three children.

Xelowski (3)

There was no marker nearby with the Xelowski name to provide evidence her family was later buried with her, but someone comes and leaves flowers for her. Is it a relative, or just someone touched by the tragedy of a little girl who never got the chance to grow up?


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