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One hundred and fifty years ago today, the first shots were fired on Fort Sumter.  This event is considered to be the beginning of the U.S. Civil War.  The bloody struggle raged for four years, and is one of the most consistently evident historical events in the cemeteries I visit.  A significant percentage of Civil War veterans, whatever their later occupations or accomplishments, had their war service noted on their tombstones.

The Civil War dead I want to look at today, though, have memorials that are centered around their service. I found this circle of government-issue markers in Spring Grove Cemetery, centered around an upright artillery barrel.


There are at least 4 concentric circles of markers like this that surround the gun.

Harman Detterman

Harman Detterman

Just outside the circles is also this cannon and a flagpole. The plaque on the side of the cannon states that it specifically honors the unknown soldiers of the Civil War.



There will be a great deal going on in this sesquicentennial of the first year of the Civil War, and for the next four years. I encourage you to go out and participate in some of those activities.

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