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It’s time to bring back a feature I haven’t been posting much lately – crosses on Fridays. Going into winter, I ran out of new photographs of Celtic crosses, and I didn’t want to repost things within the same year. But with my recent adventure to Forest Lawn and prospect of future trips, I can at least get some more weeks of this going.

The Burrows family has this elaborate Celtic cross with knotwork engraved on their monument.


The Flickingers also have a cross with knotwork etched into their monument.  I find the way that the base of this cross fades into the stone interesting.

Reverend Christian Haas’ grave is marked with a tall Celtic cross. The designs at the intrsection of the two arms remind me of stained glass, and the designs along the vertical access sometimes hint at being represntational, but that might be like looking for patterns in clouds.

Christian Haas

Christian Haas detail

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