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Stachura 2

I’m used to benches (or exedra) in cemeteries, particularly garden cemeteries, but there were many more of them in Forest Lawn that I have seen anywhere, particularly more worked into monument groups rather than being physically attached to monuments. But none were as cool as this. This is a very contemporary mausoleum – our guide reported that the husband of the couple was still alive at the time of our visit and comes frequently to visit his wife who rests here.

Stachura 3

M told us that the couple shared a dream of having a mausoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery and had saved their money for many years to build the one you see in the photos. The loveseat and easy chairs of stone in front of the mausoleum are modeled after the ones that they had in their living room, and, as my friend and his son report, are fairly comfortable as stone upholstery goes.

Stachura 4

Stachura with Van and Hex

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