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I was flipping through my photos from Lake View Cemetery the other night when I noticed something unusual about this particular monument.

Lieut. Harold Higgins

Did you catch it?  Lt. Higgins served in the Royal Air Force.  So what is a young man who died while serving in a Royal Air Force during the First World War doing buried in a Cleveland cemetery?

Unfortunately, my research has presently come up short on that count.  I’ve found a number of mentions of Harold Higgins that match his name, basic rank (they state he was specifically a Second Lieutenant), date of death, and branch of service.  Except that they all state he is buried in a churchyard in the United Kingdom.  One such mention is on a page for Canadian Veterans Affairs, and another is on a website entitled Canada at War.   I’ve determined that the churchyard mentioned – St. Andrews in Cranwell, Lincolnshire – has a large number of military graves due to its proximity to an Air Force school.  At least one transcription has Higgins listed but with a different date of death in the same month and year.  So maybe this monument in Lake View is a cenotaph, or maybe there were two Harold Higgins whose information has become melded over the years.

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