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Stillman-Standart-Lusk monument

Lake View has some stones that are perched at pretty precarious angles as a result of its rolling hills and park-like atmosphere. The view above is by no means the steepest slope, but it gives you an idea of how quickly the ground can fall away. Bring the coffins up for burial must have been a exercise in caution, and mourners who were not sure of step might have had to stand at a distance.

Lakeview Cemetery tree

I can’t even venture around the front side of this monument – the incline is sharp, and by the time that you can stand on somewhat even ground, the view is obscured by trees and bushes.


This was the only safe way to approach this stone and get a photograph.


The hill it sits on is so steep that I did not feel comfortable scaling its face, at least not with my camera in hand.

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