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…except in this case, where it is. In today’s story of obscure facts coinciding with photos I have taken, I bring you Dr. Harvey Cushing.


On this day in 1902, Dr. Cushing performed his first brain surgery.

Now the reason that I photographed the descriptive marker for Dr. Cushing wasn’t because I have a passionate interest in medical history, but because of the current condition of his family plot at Lake View. The Cushings are buried on a high ridge in Lake View on what almost looks like a balcony jutting out over the steep incline down to the base of the dam. The Cushing plot is blocked off with caution tape. I am assuming this is due to safety concerns.


As a result, the best photograph I could get was this one, taken from just outside the caution tape. Nothing is really readable on the stones from the available vantage point.

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