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Most statues in cemeteries gaze heavenward, toward the hope of eternal life, but some statues are bent over in such a way that they seem to convey the very moment in which the full weight of a death has hit someone, the point at which grief is so overwhelming that it seems an unbearable weight.

Atop the Groesbeck mausoleum in Spring Grove, this statue kneels, head drooping, a wreath on her lap apparently forgotten as she sags under the weight of her sorrow.



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Last weekend I went over to Lake View Cemetery to take some photographs. It was a nice warm day, nearly 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and Lake View was busy. Not just with people walking and biking, but with animals. A good number of the animals were dogs on leashes taking their owners on the first brisk walk in warm weather in weeks. The squirrels were scampering everywhere, and I was pretty sure I heard a cat mewing when I was near some bushes.


But the finest sight was the four deer lunching near the Elks’ plot.




They weren’t thrilled to see me, but they weren’t intimidated enough by my presence to run away. They kept a wary eye on me until I finished taking their picture and drove to another part of the cemetery.

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