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I posted this photograph a few weeks ago for my “Not Dead, but Asleep” post on how I find figures like this a little disturbing.


After getting the ooky feeling out of me, I studied this monument with renewed interest. Cemetery monuments, or at least their bases, generally boil down to rectangles or squares (sometimes circles). But this one was a bit odd – look down. How many triangles do you see in a cemetery?


Am I actually seeing the figures of three children on the weathered monument top, or am i imposing order on it to explain the shape? After much examination, I was able to make out the barest lines on each side of the monument and verify that each of the three sides had a wreath in relief, presumably with a name below it.


I looked behind me and discovered that a nearby monument had a similar triangular shape. I’m going to guess that the three children interred here were associated with the Smith family of the triangular obelisk.


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