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As I’ve posted before, reading other bloggers who are interested in cemeteries adds to my list of places I would like to see someday.

Over Thy Dead Body has posted numerous photos of St. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, opened in 1836 and still in use.

Holisticrocs writes at Sleeping Gardens on the Island Cemetery of San Michele of Venice, Italy. Sleeping Gardens has also featured posts on this little churchyard at St. Leonard’s in Old Warden, Bedfordshire. I don’t know anyone buried there but I love the carvings on the stones.

Over Thy Dead Body has put up several posts on the Old Burying Ground in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, starting with this one that is only photos. It is the burial site of the earliest residents of the town and is filled with interesting old stones. Halifax also contains one of the other cemeteries I would most like to visit – Fairview Lawn Cemetery. Fairview Lawn is the final resting place of 121 victims of the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, including 44 who have never been identified.

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