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Interesting stories

One of the main reasons I started this blog was that the cemeteries I visited were so full of interesting stories that I wanted to discover and share. The highlight of writing here is being able to find something hidden or unusual and tell people about it, and reading other cemetery bloggers provides that opportunity.

IrishEyes JG tells the story of how a soldier from the Battle of Little Bighorn ended up interred in a cemetery in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

She also found a stone begging prayers for the women who had been inmates of the Magdalen Female Penitent Asylum, which she uses as a springboard to discuss the sordid history of the institutions.

Gale Wall tells the tragic tale of two children who died playing on railroad tracks.

The Graveyard Detective shares the story of “Sambo’s grave,” the burial place of a young black boy on the English shore.

She also located the cenotaph for a military balloonist.

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