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Early American Graveyard Rabbit: Keep This Classic Cemetery Open to the Public!.

I wanted to experiment with the Press This function and was just looking for the right article.  For those interested in cemetery preservation, the Early American Graveyard Rabbit has this post about an important Jewish cemetery in Amsterdam that is at risk of losing funding necessary to keep it maintained and open to the public.

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Despite all the photographs of angels I post here, most cemetery statues are not angels, but mourning figures. Some are grief-stricken, faces downcast and weeping, and others are the picture of sad optimism – gazing heavenward as they stand over the deceased. They often hold symbols of hope like anchors, while clasping their other hand over their chests.

High atop the Holenshade monument at Spring Grove, this woman looks to heaven.


She stands not far away on a marker for George Fox.



The Calvert statue’s head is thrown back so far her facial expression is almost completely obscured.


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