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Most angels I have encountered in cemeteries are sculpted as fully grown adults. A child angel stops us, gives us pause.

The young angel I never tire of visiting in Lake View Cemetery is for a child. Mildred Schmitt was only 10 when she perished in the Collinwood School fire.

Mildred and Emma Schmitt tombstone (1 of 4)

In Union Cemetery in Columbus, the two child-like angels on either side of the Cooper stone seems to imply that Rose and Iris died as infants or young girls.

Iris Lee and Rose Mary Cooper

Baby Catherine Vaughan’s stone on the west coast of Ireland is marked by a small, chubby-cheeked angel.

Catherine Vaughan tombstone

Back at Lake View, the Namy angel has the look of a child. No child is noted as being buried here, so perhaps the family just liked the look.

Namy Angel

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