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After the Euclid Cemetery walk, there was an open house at the Euclid Historical Society Museum. The museum contains a lot of artifacts of Euclid life over the years, including, to my surprise, a tombstone.

In the jumbled display of Euclid life past, on a low table, is this display.


As the framed handwritten sign relates, this tombstone was found on a property in the 1970s and presented to the museum in 1998. The tombstone proves the location of one of approximately 14 early cemeteries in the area, most of which are now non-existent and their burials supposedly re interred elsewhere.


I couldn’t read the name well enough to identify the deceased, but the white paper with blue crayon to the right seems to indicate that rubbings of the tombstone have been done, which probably make the writing easier to read.


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