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Lately I’ve acquired two cool new t-shirts related to this blog.

The first is a rendering of a medieval memorial brass in gold on a black t-shirt.  It’s pretty awesome, even for those who don’t recognize memorial brasses.

Memorial brass t-shirt

The second, acquired from the Woodland Cemetery Foundation on the day of the Historic Cleveland Cemeteries Scavenger Hunt is the source of the title of this post:
Dead People <3 me

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Sometimes in cemeteries you will find a weather-beaten simple wooden cross, usually over an otherwise empty grave-size plot. These crosses always seem particularly sad to me. I could be wrong, but I have to guess that one reason to place a wooden cross over the grave of a loved one is that there is not enough money to erect a stone monument. And odds are, the wooden cross is going to deteriorate and disappear many years before most stones.


The title of this post just popped into my head. I don’t know very much of the hymn of the same title. I just remember my Great Aunts Loretta and Patricia singing it for their role as the Salvation Army ladies during our family’s one and only homemade Western movie.

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