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Tonight we leave for a week’s vacation. I’ve set posts to go up while I’m gone, but I will have no access to the internet to approve comments or make corrections. Please, be patient with any issues. See everyone in a week!

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One of the hardest things for me to photograph are crosses on the ground, and I’ve been noticing them at Lake View lately. The angle needed to capture the cross is not the best angle for seeing the inscription most of the time.

Look at the cross that connects the two headstones for the Blazys. It’s narrow with only a small crossbar.


Sidney Guy Sea’s slab marker is almost entirely filled with this carving of a cross. The marker also informs us that he is a man out of place, “of Chicago” but buried in Lake View.

Sidney Guy Sea

Maria Louise and John Foster Pankhurst have a matched pair of grave slabs with crosses on top.

Maria Louise Pankhurst

John Foster Pankhurst

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