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We were traveling to the Lorain County Fairgrounds recently when I spotted a lot with a cemetery on it. It had no sign, no fence, and no gate. It sits across from the corner of Union & Herrick Streets in Wellington, Ohio. Checking findagrave.com and a few other websites, it appears that the most common name for the cemetery is West Herrick Cemetery. Findagrave.com states that the earliest burial was in 1824, which is the earliest year we found on a tombstone. Dr. Josiah Manley, whose grave is pretty close to the center of the cemetery, died at age 32 in 1824.


There was another very early tombstone next to Manley’s, leaning against the tree, for Charles Sweet who died in 1826.


The latest burial we were able to find was from 1909.


Most of the gravestones dated to the mid 19th century and were fairly simple. There were only a few larger monuments, and no statues or elaborate sculptures.


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